Disney Inspired EDC Outfit Ideas for Your Inner Electric Princess

Creating the perfect Rave outfit to wear to your next EDC show or festival can be tricky–not only are there countless styles to choose from, but you want to make sure you’ve got EDC clothing that looks good and is comfy enough to let you dance the night away. Take a tip from an unlikely source, Disney princesses, and you can find tons of cool, creative EDC outfit ideas! We’ve compiled five great ideas that you can DIY or easily shop online.


The fiery redhead from down under the sea, Ariel from The Little Mermaid is an awesome inspiration for the EDC party-goer who wants to make a splash and show a little skin. Pair a fun shell bra with a shimmery green pencil skirt and top it all off with a bright red wig. You can even find ready made mermaid tails, or ideas on how to create your own if you want a look that’s even more authentic!


Strong and powerful, Sexy Mulan costumes can offer a different take on the Disney princess look. Go with a flowy sleeved kimono that you can twirl all over the dance floor. Or, try a sleeker silhouette with a long tunic and an accessory sword at the ready by your side. A Sexy Mulan outfit offers quiet power and grace, while still helping you stand out from the crowd at any EDC event.


Let Jasmine’s exotic look take you to a whole new world! The brunette beauty from Aladdin offers excellent inspiration for your next EDC outfit. Start with high impact eye makeup that creates big lashes and a doe eyed look, then add a dark wig complete with headband. Next, find a pair of loose, boho style pants in a light, shimmery fabric, and add a matching crop top. Who knew that classic Disney princesses could be so on trend?


Independent Sexy Princess Elsa Costume from Frozen offers another great  style source for a truly “cool” EDC look for your rave outfit.  A braided blonde wig is essential, but the look will really take off when you find a shimmery, snowflake inspired cape. The sheer, floaty cape will offer you plenty of graceful movement on the dance floor, and a body con blue gown beneath it will make clear to everyone that you’re ready to let it go, let it go!


EDC outfits  – Rave outfits are fun way to channel all sorts of personality types. For a shy wallflower turned EDC partier, look no further than Beauty and the Beast and this Princess Belle Costume. Go with Belle’s bookish look and pair a basic brown ponytail with a simple blue bow, a blue tank dress, white apron, and flats. Want a little more drama? Take your cue from Belle’s famous yellow ball gown, and delight in the layers of ruffles you can swirl and twirl to the beat.

An EDC event is an awesome way to let loose and inhabit another style through sexy costume and dance. Disney inspired EDC outfits – Rave outfits can be a fun way to give a nod to childhood innocence while being playfully grown up, and it will surely turn heads in your direction. Can’t choose which princess to channel? Get a group of friends together and form an all princess posse. Happy dancing, princess!

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