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  • Written By: Albert Macias @albeezy_06 / January 18, 2017
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Many will travel far and wide to reach this utopia of what are otherwise known as, the festivals. Events that last a period of at least 2 – 3 days, more nights technically, of dancing, carnival rides, activities, lighting that can tell a story and express more emotion and feelings than some words can describe. Stages that are so creatively designed, they give even Disney Imagineers a mind warp. But of course, the primary reason we go to these festivals, is to see our favorite EDM artists live! To name a few of the most popular artists that aid in both nearly selling out these festivals and packing the fields would be Above & Beyond, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Afrojack, Knife Party, Daft Punk, and the ever popular Tiësto. Most notably you would be able to catch these artists and many more at some of the more common festivals such as TomorrowLand which has been around now for 13 years come this July!

The first festival was held back in 2005 in Belgium and was nearly free to attend as passes were being GIVEN away for 11782456_10153236545504177_7255149405557578464_oattendance. Popular artists like Ferry Corsten, Chuckie, and Armin Van Buren were some of the showcased performances back then and still remain so today. TomorrowLand grew so popular over the years that in 2012, it was named the “Best Music Event” at the 27th Annual International Dance Music Awards with an attendance of over 185,000 from over 75 different countries. Given in 2015 they boasted over 30 different stages and more artists than imaginable, I’m sure that was more than just a sight to see, but an experience of a lifetime. In 2013, TomorrowLand came to the USA and threw its first event in Georgia, renaming it as TomorrowWorld (Due to trademark name by Disney they weren’t allowed to use the name TomorrowLand). The first two years were a success pulling in over 150,000 attendees.  Unfortunately in 2015, TomorrowWorld  was doomed with inclement raining weather causing the grounds to be muddy and inaccessible to shuttle buses. Transportation was restricted resulting in hundreds of stranded attendees. The following day organizers announced attendees who were affected would be issued a refund however the loss was too massive that it forced the company to file bankruptcy and cancel TomorrowWorld altogether.


While many will look at TomorrowWorld in amazement, if you ask many others as well, one other festival in the States comes to mind: EDC Las Vegas. Sure there are many other different EDC locations throughout the world (Mexico, Orlando, Japan just to name a few), but EDC Las Vegas always will be where I first fell in love with the culture and people. Averaging at least 7 stages, EDC now approaches it’s 21st anniversary this June and I will tell you, I’m almost certain that no expense will be spared as what we saw last year blew the lid off any and all expectations as far as stages and performances went. Not surprising at all given about 400,000 people attended over the 3-day weekend of amazing performances, beautiful stages, and an all-around experience that was perfect for their 20 year anniversary. To me, I would literally describe EDC as the “Modern Woodstock.” Many travelling from all over to be together in brilliance and peace. I know I will be there this year to make new memories to last.

If I had to choose probably my most favorite aspect of a festival, given I feel every moment spent in one is like living in pure bliss and harmony, is that every square inch of the event you are at, be it be EDC, TomorrowWorld, or even a smaller festival like Beyond Wonderland in Southern California, you are sure to be in awe every which way you look by the sights, the sounds, and most importantly the people. The PLUR movement has certainly won the hearts and souls even of festival goers and I cannot wait to reunite this Summer in Las Vegas with those that bring the ultimate sense of unity and happiness.

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