What is EDM & Plur?

  •  Written By: Albert Macias @albeezy_06 / January 18, 2017
  • Eastvale, Ca 92880


There are many aspects of life that light my day up and make me feel like I have found true happiness and even a sense of tranquility, but next to my family of my wife, son and daughter, there will never be any comparison of how my personal love for EDM music and the EDM culture has transformed my life for the better. While many will, and even have, argue that I am either “childish” or “immature” or even the classic “oh you’re just going through a phase right now,” I completely and utterly disagree. EDM music today has gone through massive transformations over the years to even producing some of the world’s leading music artists.

Many of us know that EDM roots started at the decline of the disco era around the early 80’s. Music producers and record labels just weren’t feeling the same sense of vibe that disco had like the 70’s so new artists started to get creative. The introduction of synthesized tracks and sounds were brought forth and remixes of previously popular disco songs which one thing led to another and before we knew it, there were underground/back alley/warehouse parties of electronic house music to forms of dub music and of course EDM being played widely throughout the nation. I can personally still remember the “hotlines” to call for the information to the warehouse parties around the L.A. area. Today, such warehouse parties and hotlines still exist, more seldom than they used to, but the scene now has enormously grown to become, in ways what you could almost say, a revolution.th

Now, it’s no secret that while I sit here in my California home, that the EDM scene in the United States is still growing, but overseas or even down south, and I’m not talking about the ATL or Florida “south,” but Brazil, Mexico, and Europe especially, have an absolute immense love for EDM music and live an almost die-hard life for the culture. While the music brings many of the similar interests together, the EDM culture, is not to be overlooked one bit. Here, it is all about P.L.U.R., or Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Each of these words while having their own definition, are used to unify those of the rave culture to a bond unlike any other. Peace – Among the rave culture, it is strongly believed violence is never the answer. Love – Show humble roots and kind gestures to one another. It isn’t uncommon for the community to exchange smiles and hugs among one another, even if you are complete strangers. Spread the Love amongst everyone you encounter. Unity – To be brought together as one. To exist in harmony as a beautiful utopia. Respect – To show regards to others through direct and indirect actions one gives off. It’s also about having respect for oneself and the environment as well.



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